Our Profiles

Lori Cunningham

Managing Partner/Creative Director/Account Manager
Michigan State University, B.A., Design 
Northwood University, MBA

Lori has a long history of success as both creative director, and subsequently
managing director of the agency she helped found in 2004. Lori is responsible for maintaining
creative and operational conformance to agency standards, mission and vision positions,  strategic
performance benchmarks, and business development. Hardly an item leaves Queue Advertising that
hasn’t had some input and direction from Lori. During her 30-year career,  Lori has contributed to the
marketing and advertising success of hundreds of clients. Contact Lori at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Tom Helderman

Partner/Strategist/Head Writer
Michigan State University, B.A., Advertising
Aquinas College/Americus University, M.B.A., Management

Tom functions as head copywriter and campaign strategist at Queue Advertising.
With over 40 years of advertising and marketing experience under his belt, he
brings a diverse background in successful national campaign development and
implementation to the table. Working with and for companies like The Chicago
Tribune, Symons division of Gulf & Western, Blackmer Pump division of Dover
Corporation, The Bayer Corporation, Westinghouse ASD, Selmer Instruments,
and The Viking Corporation, Tom has enjoyed an extensive professional career
as agency president, corporate advertising manager, copywriter, creative director,
and media representative. His work has won over 200 design and performance
awards in the last 35 years.    

As a college professor at Davenport University and Ferris State University, Tom taught
Advertising Principles, Copywriting, Advanced Copywriting, Business-to-Business Advertising,
Advertising Management, Media Strategy and Tactics, Retail Promotion, Principles of Marketing,
Consumer Behavior, Public Relations, Organizational Behavior, Management Principles,
and Supervisory Management. Contact Tom at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Kim Roslanic

Consultant/Media Director
Michigan State University, B.A., Journalism

Kim assists in the development of media strategies and national media placement
for the agency’s clients.  A specialist in both local and national media placement,
Kim has been advising Queue Advertising personnel on media issues since 1993. 
An experienced negotiator, Kim works with digital, broadcast and outdoor representatives
to get the best rates possible for clients.  Kim previously honed her skills as a media
buyer at grocery retailers Meijer, Inc. and served as a National Media Buyer for Horizon
Group, a developer of outlet shopping centers.  She also worked in public relations as
an Assistant Account Executive at Seyferth & Associates, Inc. and as a Marketing Associate
at Meridian Mall in Okemos. Contact Kim at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Annette Louise

Office Manager
Ferris State University

Annette rides herd on our office and makes sure everything gets done when it’s
supposed to and all the bills get paid on time. A product of Ferris State University,
she spent several years heading up visual merchandising programs at Hudsons,
Marshall Fields and Macy's locations before migrating into agency operations.
Contact Annette at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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jennifer Dobner

Copywriter/Event Coordinator 
San Diego State, Journalism

Jennifer has accrued more than two decades of experience in some pretty cool jobs.
From freelance writing to film, Jennifer is well-seasoned in the creative field. Her 
work also includes marketing and advertising content writing and strategy, political
campaign writing and documentary film script writing.

Lucas valone

Account Coordinator/Social Media Coordinator 
Michigan State University, B.A. Communications

Lucas first joined Queue as an intern during the winter of 2018 and was soon
hired on as an Account Coordinator. Before Queue, Lucas was a grandstand 
intern at Clean Water Action and Michigan Youth Arts. A recent graduate from   
Michigan State University, Lucas has developed many areas of expertise including 
Social Media Management, Account Handling, Research Coordination and Implementation, 
Event Coordination and Execution and Copy Editing.